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    來源:http://www.syhsdr.com/ 來源:http://www.syhsdr.com/ 發布時間:2023-07-06

    1. Due to the inherent characteristics and uses of its raw materials, its price is determined. On the one hand, it is also influenced by the global and domestic supply and demand relations, and on the other hand, it is influenced by the speed of domestic economic development and economic policies. A few years ago, due to the global economic downturn and the impact of the Southeast Asian financial crisis, insufficient domestic economic demand led to a decline in aluminum prices. Later, through the country's micro regulation, active fiscal policies were implemented to expand domestic demand, which in turn led to an increase in aluminum consumption.
    2. Due to the rapid increase in production capacity of domestic anti rust aluminum sheet raw materials, on the one hand, the domestic alumina supply is tight, and on the other hand, the microeconomic environment has determined that the demand for aluminum cannot be increased too quickly in recent years. This will to some extent be more conducive to promoting the export of domestic anti rust aluminum sheet raw materials. However, the high energy consumption and high cost of producing raw materials for domestic rust resistant aluminum sheets have constrained the development of China's rust resistant aluminum sheet raw material industry. Therefore, a certain amount of aluminum still needs to be imported every year to meet domestic demand, and China's adjustment of aluminum import and export tariffs and changes in exchange rates will affect domestic aluminum prices.
    3. The cost of alumina accounts for the majority of the production cost of rustproof aluminum plate raw materials, and the annual gap of alumina in China is fundamentally between 1 to 1.5 million tons. Therefore, whether the world and domestic alumina supply is sufficient and the price is high or low will directly affect the production cost of rustproof aluminum plate raw materials.
    4、跟著國內交通、住所、轎車等職業的進一步開展以及電網的大量改造,鋁消費也將有相應的添加,對鋁的需求和價格也將產生積極影響 ,對國內防銹鋁板價格的影響將更大。
    4. With the further development of domestic transportation, housing, sedans and other professions, as well as the extensive transformation of the power grid, aluminum consumption will also have a corresponding increase, which will have a positive impact on the demand and price of aluminum, and will have a greater impact on the price of anti rust aluminum plates in China.
    5. The impact of aluminum coil thickness on the price of color coated aluminum coil: If the aluminum coil thickness is too thin, the price of color coated aluminum coil is relatively high. Due to the larger area of approximately thin color coated aluminum coil under equal tonnage, the more paint is used, and the longer the processing time, the thickness of aluminum coil also has a certain impact on the price.
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