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    The patterns of patterned aluminum plates are usually made by embossing technology and can be of various geometric shapes, lines, and patterns. Common patterns include rectangles, squares, raised small dots, concave small dots, etc. The selection of patterns can be adjusted according to actual needs and decorative effects. Do you know the reason for the wear of patterned aluminum plates? The aluminum plate manufacturer will analyze for you:
    If patterned aluminum plates are frequently used, rubbed or impacted, they are prone to wear and tear. For example, the use of patterned aluminum panels on the floor, prolonged walking, and dragging of heavy objects can all cause surface wear and tear.
    If the surface of the patterned aluminum plate comes into contact with hard objects, such as sharp objects or objects with rough surfaces, friction can cause wear on the surface of the patterned aluminum plate. For example, if patterned aluminum panels are used for door and window frames, the friction between the door leaf and patterned aluminum panels can lead to wear and tear when frequently opening and closing doors without padding or lubricants.
    Using the wrong cleaning agent or hard bristle brush for cleaning, or using excessive force to wipe, can cause wear on the surface of patterned aluminum plates. Suitable cleaning agents and soft cloth should be selected for cleaning to avoid scratching the surface. If patterned aluminum plates are exposed to acid rain, strong ultraviolet rays, high temperatures or humid environments for a long time, it will accelerate surface oxidation and corrosion, leading to wear.
    To avoid the wear of patterned aluminum plates, the following measures can be taken:
    Avoid frequent impacts and friction, and reduce usage frequency. Use protective pads or gaskets in areas that come into contact with hard objects to reduce direct contact and scratches. Use suitable cleaning agents and soft cloth for cleaning, avoiding the use of sharp objects or hard bristles. Regularly inspect and maintain, and promptly address any issues found, such as surface wear or oxidation.
    The wear of patterned aluminum plates may be caused by frequency of use, scraping of hard objects, improper cleaning methods, or long-term exposure to harsh environments. By reasonable use, proper cleaning, and regular maintenance, the service life of patterned aluminum panels can be extended while maintaining their aesthetics and functionality. For more related matters, please come to our website www.jndclyxgs.com for consultation!
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